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The Principles of Water Damage Drying

Water Damage Drying Henderson Water Damage Restoration

The IICRC S500 Water Damage Restoration Standard and Reference Guide describes the task of Water Damage Drying through five principles.

1. Provide For Safety
2. Document And Inspect The Project
3. Mitigate Further Damage
4. Clean And Dry Affected Areas
5. Complete The Restoration

1. Provide For The Safety of Workers And Occupants

Water Damage Drying Henderson Water Damage Restoration

The technician’s first responsibility when arriving at a water damage site is to identify and eliminate safety hazards. The restoration contractor is responsible to provide for the health and safety of workers and occupants during restoration procedures.

2. Document And Inspect The Project

Water Damage Drying Henderson Water Damage Restoration

The restorer must evaluate the extent of water migration and be able to measure the moisture absorbed by materials in order to properly scope the work to be done. As drying is attempted, the restorer must verify that anticipated progress is actually being achieved.

Due to the number of variables present that affect the drying of materials, progress cannot be assumed. Frequent inspection and monitoring is therefore essential. As you enter rooms, inspect ceilings carefully. Wet plaster and sheet rock are very heavy and can be a hazard.

Be aware of bulging ceilings that may hold trapped water. If rainwater has collected in the ceiling, the rainwater will find it own route into the floors below.

3. Mitigate Further Damage

Water Damage Drying Henderson Water Damage Restoration

Drying decisions are made based upon critical information the restorer obtains during the initial assessment. The inspection not only checks the extent of moisture intrusion, but also considers the potential for additional Water damages.

Remove any water soaked items stored in the attic for treatment. The weight of Water soaked boxes can cause cracking in the plaster ceilings of the floor below. Open windows and vents to allow fresh air to circulate. If your electrical system is safe and you have an attic fan, turn it on.

4. Clean And Dry Affected Areas

Water Damage Drying Henderson Water Damage Restoration

Cleaning procedures are used whenever soils and debris must be removed to expedite the drying process. Contaminated materials that can be ultimately restored require cleaning either before or after the drying process.

Any highly porous item affected, such as valuable contents, require intensive cleaning. Flooding may be quick, but drying out a building is a time consuming effort.

Allowing natural ventilation and evaporation to work is better for the building than the using heated forced-air or air conditioning systems. The rapid drying out of a historic building using hot air power drying systems can cause irreparable harm to significant features of the building.

5. Complete The Restoration

Water Damage Drying Henderson Water Damage Restoration

The Water Damage Restoration technician’s job is not done when the materials are dry. As the drying proceeds, restorers have to re-evaluate the condition of structural items or contents and consider whether they will require refinishing or restoration to return them to a pre-loss condition.

Any building materials that were removed or disrupted will need reconstruction. The job is not complete until all affected materials are clean, dry, and equal or better in appearance and function than they were before the loss occurred.

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